From The CEO – 2014 is a Promising Year…

Happy New Year once again to our valued customer for choosing us among the rest. First it will wise to thank God Almighty, the First Cause, the Immovable Mover of all things, the uncreated that created all things for his mercies, grace and strengths. It was not an easy sailing through out the year 2013 yet we came out ahead. The previous year as usual was full of its own hurdles and Glories; but I will put is wise to associate with the best part of last and learn from the challenges and mistakes of 2013.

This is another year that I foresee promising events, another year to make major improvements in the overall performance of our services especially putting you our client in the center of our improvements. This is to say we are making it one of our priorities to improve drastically on our customer service and relations to bring about the best web hosting experience ever.

As a matter of fact we are now working on new services which will be launched soon that will add another layer of positive experience to our service. You are lucky to be with us here as it not about just about cheap quality service only but something deeper, some abstract something about being here is that you experience and influx of positive energy that keep your online business with us going. I cannot ignore the fact too that you made us stay in business too as without the customer we seize to exist.

Stay with us as we make web hosting interesting and fun.