Reducing website load on server by activating cloudflare CDN

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Web sites are constantly suspended for resources over usage specifically high CPU and Memory usage and it is not friendly for both the owner of the site and server admin as well. However CDN can help in reducing this load and make a web site work more efficiently.

Cloudflare is a third party tool that is installed on our entire servers to provide content delivery network service to clients. But it appears clients barely utilize this despite its amazing benefits it provides for their web sites.

You can prevent web site suspension due to high cpu usage when you install Cloudflare, reduced bandwidth consumption, speed up web site and improve security.

What is Content Delivery Network anyway?

Content Delivery Network-CDN is a large network of servers deployed across multiple networks in several data centers, often geographically distributed. CDNs are employed by companies across many industries to deliver HTTP content, rich media like streaming audio and video, and downloadable files.

What this implies is that traffic, web site load and web site threats does not directly hit your web site but pass through CDN server before getting to your site, web content is delivered rapidly to numerous users by duplicating the content on multiple servers and directing the content to users based on proximity. Hence your site is delivers content faster; more securely and available at all times.

Cloudflare is free and easy to install from your cPanel. Follow the instructions from this link to install now

Find more details about clouflare here:

How about using Content Delivery Network with your WordPress web site

Content Delivery Netwokr


WordPress is a dynamic content management system for publishing contents online, it uses PHP and MySQL database, to deliver dynamically-created contents. In other words, every time someone accesses some WordPress content, the data is called up from the database, processed, and displayed as an HTML page to the user.

For sites that receive a high volume of visitors, all of the dynamic page creation, image loading, and content generation can be very resource-intensive; causing high cpu and memory consumption which may result in server slow down or even bringing an entire server to a halt.

One solution administrators of WordPress site can use to lighten the load is a Content Delivery Network (CDN). With a CDN, the blog loads certain data or media from its geographically dispersed servers rather than the web host’s server. Content delivery networks typically have multiple server locations to decrease proximity between the user and the content. They are also optimized to deliver the content quickly and seamlessly.

Luckily you can manually configure WordPress to use Cloudflare CDN from your VBHOSTNET cPanel. More advanced techniques include using a CDN for data retrieval or caching popular pages of a website remotely on the CDN.

Cloudflare when activated give your entire site variety of advantage including security. To activate follow this instruction

WordPress Security to Prevent Unauthorized Access

Wordpres security tips

Security online is a very big deal. As is the case with all websites, those created with WordPress must have proper security measures in place to avoid potentially costly breaches from online crooks. Aside the general security measure put in place by VBHOSTNET from the server end, there are some highly effective methods to lockdown the WordPress site to give an extra layer of security to your blog:

Protect the wp-admin folder: This ensures the files cannot be accessed by anyone else other than the owner.

Change the default user name. When initially installed, the default WordPress user name is “admin” which can and should be modified. The WP-Email Login plugin can be used to support email based usernames in the WordPress login form. Creating a strong password is recommended. Avoid common passwords such as middle names, names spelled backwards, birthdays, and phone numbers.

Careful with plugin: Not all plug are written by professional programmer, some are badly written that they may even cause resource over usage aside security breach.

Hide WordPress version. Since outdated and unpatched versions of WordPress tend to be targets for intrusions, this information should be removed from the page. Deleting the readme.html file from the installation is also recommended.

Update security keys. You can generate a new security key from this site Overwrite the default keys with the new ones in the wp-config.php file.

Always Check the PHP and database errors logs since these contain invalid queries that are constantly hitting WordPress.

There are also several plugins available that can add another layer of security to WordPress:

Exploit Scanner: This plugin is used to quickly scan WordPress files and blog posts for malicious codes. Additionally, this plug-in will detect spam links and delete them also.

WordPress Sentinel: This plugin can alert the owner when files are added, deleted, or modified in any monitored folders within your wordpress site .

WordFence Security: Compares the WordPress core files with the original files in the repository to detect any modifications. This plugin will also lock out users after unsuccessful login attempts.

In conclusion, effective WordPress security is essential to keeping your website safe from unauthorized intrusions which can result in costly aftereffects.

Linux Web Hosting – Top Five Benefits

linux vs windows web hosting

When it comes to the operating system for affordable web hosting solution, Linux and Windows OS are both on advantage. The truth is, both have differing strengths and weaknesses, and the service offered takes care of specific needs of online applications. However, Linux servers are extremely seductive to Internet entrepreneurs because of some of the underline reasons.

Below are just five benefits of using the Linux operating system for web hosting service:

Open Source Platform: One of the very good reasons more people choose Linux over Windows hosting is because it is an open source platform. Web programmers can modify, improve and distribute it (through various stages of development) to the public. There is a worldwide body of users that are constantly working to increase its functionality and fix bugs.

Security and Reliability: Security issues have become critical especially since major tech brands have experienced some form of hacking or online compromise. There has been a long debate regarding security and reliability between Linux and Windows hosting. Of course, Linux loyalist strongly believe the platform offers power security. As a hosting provider, software fixes, maintenance and server upgrades are necessary to get rid of obsolete components to boost server performance in the long run and reduce hosting costs (however, let’s face it, anyone who’s connected to the Internet can experience a security breach). When it comes to reliability, Linux arguably outruns Windows since it was one of the early platforms to host websites as the Internet got started.

Pricing: Internet entrepreneurs often consider the price of services and products. As far as price is concerned, Linux hosting has an edge over Windows hosting. The advantage of Linux hosting comes from the low cost hosting because it doesn’t require expensive licensing fees. Anybody can start an online business at a relatively low cost. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and phpBB all runs on the Linux platform. Linux is widely used by the public and has dorminated the web hosting industry for long now.

Speed and Simplicity: Linux is generally easier and simpler to use when compared with Windows plateform. It comes with pre-installed software that’s ready for modification and extension. Linux was designed to support basic web hosting, which means users can install PHP, MySQL and Perl Script to maximize website productivity and performance. It is known for providing better performance than Windows and capable of handling higher amount of processes simultaneously.

Flexibility: one of the benefits of Linux hosting is the unmatched flexibility offered to a company. It can host e-commerce applications, blogging websites and multimedia applications. As previously stated, the platform is easy to modify and update. Linux was created based on General Public License (GNU) and its various distributions include Red Hat, Ubuntu or SUSE Linux.

These and others is why we employ Linux hosting for hosting Nigeria web sites.