Absolute Control over your Hosting with VPS Hosting

A Virtual Private Server popularly know as VPS is a alternative to dedicated server, a effective way for your business to maintain an isolated environment and run custom applications which is not available on a shared hosting platform. VPS hosting is the perfect choice for any web based business that have huge traffic and bandwidth consumption that is no longer suited for a normal shared hosting, since may want maintain your own server.

Configuration your vps as you like

Our VPS web servers are a scalable solution that can accommodate any growth as your business data expand Hence you to can build your own VPS server by choosing the specific features and level of service your business needs. Every VPS hosting packages has its own independent root access using SSH. SDD Hard drives which can be replaced at any time without the need to shut down or reboot the server. Moreover, you build your own VPS, retaining complete control over your server’s configuration as well as the ability to specify security settings and the installation of software and other custom applications.

Variety of customization options are available for you to choose from, including your choice of operating systems, the ability to host multiple websites without an extra fee, premium bandwidth allocation and the freedom to install whatever application you like

Pick the Solution That’s Right For You

Use the best software for your business needs. Various distributions of Linux or other operating systems, and run the types of software that optimize your performance profile. You can even utilize software that runs on two different OS types by subdividing your VPS server into two compartments. When you operate more than one website, you’ll really see the savings start to add up because you can host each of your websites in an optimized environment, be it one site per VPS or multiple sites on a single VPS.

Choose the Level of Support That’s Right For You

With VBHOSTNET VPS solution, you can either retain the ability to administer and monitor your virtual server in-house which is default for all vps package i.e. unmanaged service, or you can let us take over the management, monitoring and security of your server.