Basic Introduction to Social Media Marketing



A lot of evolution have happened to the way marketing is been done on the internet. Years before now; the concept of “Internet Marketing” was used to refer to any promotional activity carried out via the Internet. The whole idea is rapidly changing and the new game changer is now “Social Media Marketing” and the umbrella term “Digital Marketing”

Every internet user is using one or more social media that they used in connecting with friends and family at least if you don’t know much about social network, you are  familiar with Facebook as one of the widely used social network site online. Social Media marketing was embraced by smart online marketing to get product and service to users at a more personal level since users are constantly communicating and sharing contents with other users.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing or SMM refers to the process of gaining traffic or awareness through social network sites. Some of the most popular and effective social network site can be listed as follows: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest Google+, Linkedin, YouTube e.t.c.

Social media marketing activities usually focuses its efforts to create contents that attract attention and interaction, which may in turn encourage readers to share it with their social networks.  Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. It increases communication for organizations, promotes brand awareness and can even improved customer trust when utilized properly.

On a final thought, social media serves as a relatively cost effective platform for individual and organizations to implement marketing campaigns and if you have not been using it, it is time to begin. The key ingredient is creating good contents