How to create a WordPress Blog, easy steps

how to create WordPress blog

Blogging is fun and a lot of youths are into this in other to share their passion for writing and information dissemination while others hope someday, they will make money from it once they attract some considerable amount of traffic. When we talk about creating a blog, the first thought that comes to mind is wordpress. In this tutorial we are going to take a comprehensive step by step journey through how to create a wordpress web site conveniently from your cPanel simply by installing it through softacolous.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an online, open source content management system written in PHP, it’s probably the easiest and most robost blogging and Content Management System (CMS) in existence today. When we initially talk about content management the first application that was very popular and dominated the game was “Joomla”, but that seems to have change as WordPress is now capable of creating any type of site including online shopping stores that was left to eCommerce shopping cart script like prestshop. Thanks to wordpress plugin developers that is making life so easy.

First and foremost, there are certain things to put into consideration before you go to the actual process of creating your blog. We will now consider the following ideas that sets you up for a successful web site creation:

Choose an interest

Before you ever take the step further to creating your wordpress web site, it is very important you know what you want to write about. Firstly, your blog should be focused around an idea and for doing well in this, it is best you choose an interest that you love and have some considerable amount of knowledge about so writing become easy. Getting contents is not that difficult though, but you should be able to present your articles professionally because you know what you are doing not just because you found the topic on the internet.

There are several areas that you can blog about including fashion, music, information technology as a matter of fact the list is virtually endless.

Choose the right web site name (Domain name) for your blog.

Once you know your interest, choosing the good domain name to speak about your interest. This  should not difficult to do. Some tips you may want to consider when choosing a domain name are:

  1. A nice domain name for your site should be short and easy to remember.
  2. It will be better to have keywords in your domain name.
  3. Avoid names that infringe on another web site.
  4. If the domain name you have in mind is not available, it is ok to have a slight change, you can add a word.

Choose the site hosting provider

This is very important since this will determine the success or failure of your web site. All web hosting company offers wordpress as a must but not all web hosting support certain features while reliability is one thing; features is another. Blogs have the capacity to grow quickly in traffic because search engine loves contents. If you don’t a good amount of bandwidth for your use, this can pose a big problem.

We are glad to let you know we have the right wordpress hosting packages and most Nigeria blogger love us for that.


Installing WordPress

Now that you have choosing your hosting package, I presume you have bought one and received your login details. Let officially go through the actual steps for installing wordpress.

Login to your control panel using your username and password as provided.

Scroll down to “Software’s and Services” and click on “Softacolous app Installer”

Softacolous Autoinstaller for wordpress

At times you may even see wordpress icon displays on your cpanel by the bottom of the page that is displayed in the image below and if this be the case, you can simply click on it without clicking on Softacolous as  have explained above


If you have clicked softacolous, you will be taking to the home screen where you can click on “Install” button close to WordPress Icon:

Softacolous Home screen

The next screen is where to enter important details for your wordpress installation. I will now explain some of the important settings as follows:

Wordpress installation settings

The first option there is “Choose Protocol” this where you choose whether you are using normal http protocol to connect to your website or secure https connection if you have SSL certificate installed on your web site. For now choosing the default “http” will be fine.

The next is “Choose Domain” by default your domain name will be displayed unless you have added another domain name to your hosting account.

The next option can be tricky for most first timer. “In Directory” the instructions are there already for you to follow, so you should delete whatever is contained in the text box since we are using the entire web site for our blog. But if you are using an existing domain name and wish to have a blog installed like some similar to this, you only need to enter “blog” in the space instead of leaving it empty; in this you are telling softacolous to create a new directory.

Other setting are “Site Name” which should contain the name of your site as indicated, this part is visible on your browser though  the title bar. Site Description should give a brief introduction about what your blog is about..

Next you can enter your user name and password to be used for logging to the admin area when installation is complete.

Lastly you can choose a template that best suit the type of web site blog you intend to create and finally click on the install button.

The final screen display installation compete detail with your admin login url, where you can enter the admin details you provided during filling out the settings.

If you have followed this instruction correctly you should be able to login to your admin area and see something like this

Wordpress Dashboard

I am glad to have been able to put this piece of tutorial together and I hope it has serves you well. If  you have any questions, comments of contribution, don’t hesitate to get back to us via