Introducing new Premium Hosting Packages

We are very excited to introduce our brand new hosting service called Premium Hosting!

Our Premium web hosting plans are designed for heavy web site that requires more server resource such as RAM, CPU and more. If you want high powered web hosting service with your own dedicated RAM and CPU core without having to manage your own server or your web site hosted with us is hitting its limits because your web site have grown, then our new Premium Hosting will be just perfect for you. We do all the server management and tech support so that you’re free to concentrate on making your websites a success.

With this new packages you are allocated with more resources for high performance and it is very much suitable for hosting media sites, social network, high traffic blog and shopping cart and many more.

Superior performance at very low cost is what you get/ Find our more!

From The CEO – 2014 is a Promising Year…

Happy New Year once again to our valued customer for choosing us among the rest. First it will wise to thank God Almighty, the First Cause, the Immovable Mover of all things, the uncreated that created all things for his mercies, grace and strengths. It was not an easy sailing through out the year 2013 yet we came out ahead. The previous year as usual was full of its own hurdles and Glories; but I will put is wise to associate with the best part of last and learn from the challenges and mistakes of 2013.

This is another year that I foresee promising events, another year to make major improvements in the overall performance of our services especially putting you our client in the center of our improvements. This is to say we are making it one of our priorities to improve drastically on our customer service and relations to bring about the best web hosting experience ever.

As a matter of fact we are now working on new services which will be launched soon that will add another layer of positive experience to our service. You are lucky to be with us here as it not about just about cheap quality service only but something deeper, some abstract something about being here is that you experience and influx of positive energy that keep your online business with us going. I cannot ignore the fact too that you made us stay in business too as without the customer we seize to exist.

Stay with us as we make web hosting interesting and fun.



We are Helping businesses grow online

Getting a reliable web hosting service in this part of the country at a very affordable rate have not been an easy sail, though cheap web hosing service exist a lot before we came, there was still so man thing missing. For an example it is easy to get web hosting service that is far cheaper to our price yet in features and allocated resources it is quite expensive without you knowing this.

Since 2010 when we started to offer unlimited hosting service, there were so many criticisms that flooded the internet with a false notion of unlimited web hosting service been fake and all that stuffs. Despite all these we still have happy and satisfied clients which took advantage of the rare opportunity to get their web site and business online through our web hosting platform.

Proudly we will say this; over time we were able to master the web hosting industry in Nigeria and Africa at large and understand what the good people of Nigeria really want b so doing worked had and still working hard to tirelessly to satisfy these need. We have brought tremendous growth to online businesses by offering cheaper but yet reliable web hosting solutions that is filed with amazing features for you to enjoy, attracting no hidden charges.

What more can we say, the clients made us who we are by their patronage and support. Having faith in us made us strive and provided more. It is our innermost desire to bring more better and robust services for the benefit of our old and potential new clients and not only do we wish to offer more services, we also have it at heart to respect our customers and take better care of them all.

If you are not a clients we invite you to experience the joy that comes from the satisfaction within our company Also help us become better by your suggestions like you have always done if you are client.

VBHOSTNET helping webmasters make money online

Ever really wanted to start your own web hosting business and make huge profit over time? Here at VBHOSTNET it is not just about offering the usual web hosting service that we all know, it is about providing you even more than you really pay for without compromising quality. Webmasters are constantly on the look out for better hosting experience and want to be sure they are making profit.

We have been doing the business of unlimited reseller web hosting for some time and we are still doing it better and we will still go better than this. Over the past few years, we have been the backbone of numerous web hosting companies in Nigeria cutting across several states and other African nations as well.

We do not only provide reseller hosting packages at cheap rates, but we make sure your business is a great success. We offer not just WHM reseller hosting service, but other level of reseller hosting such as master reseller hosting and alpha master reseller hosting plans too. With this style of service, you can be sure to have a wider range of service to offer to your own clients as you are on the big scale of things.

Those who don’t know, who have had the wrong notion about unlimited service and master reseller and alpha master resellers hosting service had seen that we are not joking with people’s business but rather a partner to success.

So if you are thinking of making it big in the web hosting market, don’t offer what others are already offering instead offer something different and if you are not doing so, then offer more than they offer that way you can make money. This is the reason behind we offering you different categories of reseller hosting service so you can offer more to your clients.

Automatic Web Hosting Account Creation

Information and  Communication Technology is now the best way to achieve things in our daily life because of its automatic nature of accomplishing task and the world wide web is one very good way of automating stuffs especially ones relating to online businesses.

As a webmaster, web developer and whatever name you wished to be called, you may be in a very urgent situation that requires a client’s web site up and running within few hours and so immediately account setup and if possible instant setup may be in your mind. Web site are been created everyday and most of them came up just spontaneously’ which means you just got an idea that you did not plan for or maybe your company want to urgently put online a kind of web site or you may wish to quickly show a new client a sample.

With VBHOSTNET gradually becoming on of the best web hosting in nigeria, there is not problem at all when it come to getting your web site instantly. What about when you need to put online a site on weekend and the banks are not open for you to pay for a web hosting service, instead of waiting for the work days to come, why don’t you use you ATM Card to make the payment and get your account setup immediately after payment is made?

Our web hosting ordering process have been automated to automatically setup your hosting account immediately after payment hence you do not need to wait any longer to get your web hosting account up and running, no need to call any body to notify us of any payment made. It is very easy simply choose the online payment option that allows your ATM Debit card including Verve Card, Naira Master card, visa and other Interswitch supported card, you can also pay online using your eTranzact pocket moni, Payza formerly AlertPay if you leave out side Nigeria.

This all tell you that you can either pay in Nigeria Naira or US Dollars and weekend or holidays have no effect on getting a new web site running on the world wide web.

Introducing New Billing Systems

Dear Valued Customer,

In line with our service upgrade and provision of more payment method (Online payment), we are glad to announce to you our new billing system powered by the world most robust billing software (WHMCS).

Though the work is not yet complete in terms of interswitch payment, you can now conveniently pay for service online using eTransact pocketMoni, Visa and coming soon; Interswitch Verve and Naira Master Card payment.

A more robust and improved support ticking systems is now available and ebooks can also be downloaded from your client area.

In other to implement this system with current clients, you are there by requested to register an account now for free by following this link Once you are done with the registration, kindly reply this message with your domain(s) you are previously ordered so we can move your order to the new billing system.

VBHOSTNET is committed this year 2013

This is New Year that is gradually counting again and we appreciate all current clients who have their faith and trust on our web hosting service. Past year was full of its own challenges and w are glad we could over come and still be strong to offer better web hosting services.

We have grown and still in the process of growing in order to provider even more better and outstanding service and we are again in this year working tirelessly as usual in making sure we maintain our current level of stability and grow more than this.

We have been stared this year by installing a new third partly software “Attracta SEO” and this we have achieve through partnership, that is just one of the numerous innovation that you will be expecting this new year,. Not only do we plan to install new software and update current one, we also have in our scheme strategy to improve and on our customer service in order to provider faster and more convenient means of supports.

Heating from you and letting us know how you feel in a very much welcome idea, whether you are a current client or a potential one, we want to hear your kind words or constructive criticism to help us become better provider. Suggestions are also welcome and all should be sent to Maybe there is something you will want to include and remove or even modify, hence you are free to speak your mind by sending us email.

Introducing Attracta SEO Tool

We at VBHOSTNET is glad to announce our new partnership with Attracta one of the leaders in Search Engine and Optimization industries. Which means through your cpanel with us, you can simply submit your web site to search engine for free and perform other SEO tasks.

Basic Features of Attracta’s Free SEO Tools

Google Blacklist Check – This tool will verify that your website has not been flagged by Google as containing malware, spyware or viruses. Being on this Blacklist will keep you from being included in Google’s search results as well as block all search traffic to your site. Of the nearly 1,000,000 websites on this list, most of them don’t even know they are on it. We make it easy to find out!

Get in Google – This is the core service of Attracta’s Free SEO Tools. With a single click, our advanced crawlers will create a detailed XML Sitemap of your website, cataloging every page and every link. This properly-formatted XML Sitemap is then sent directly to Google, Yahoo!, Bing and Ask. This ensures that all of your site’s pages are indexed in the major search engines.

Link Building – One of the major components of effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is building backlinks. Backlinks are links, on other websites, that point back to your site. Attracta’s Link Builder tool easily allows you to create up to three high-value backlinks to your website by being included in our highly-trafficed Business Directory.

See Your New Listings – Once you’ve completed the other steps, view your site’s actual live listings in the search engines.

You can get access instantly for free by loggin to your cpane, ther you will see a new Tab have been added to your cpanel “SEO and Marketing Tool”

VBHOSTNET Introduces Cloudflare Technology

Web hosting and cloudflare technology


VBHOSTNET is happy to announce a new partnership with CloudFlare, the web’s easiest performance and security solution. As a CloudFlare Certified Partner, we now deliver simple and free solution to help protect and accelerate your website. Once your website joins the CloudFlare community, it loads twice as fast and is protected from a range of online threats.

Getting started is super easy—you just need to log into your control panel and look for the CloudFlare icon. With two clicks, you can activate CloudFlare and your website will automatically be faster and safer around the world.

We are pleased to offer you the CloudFlare service for FREE. There is no commitment. Turning CloudFlare on and off takes two clicks of the mouse, so feel free to try it out. We think you’ll like it.

To learn more about CloudFlare, simply visit these links We will love to us this medium to also let you know that we now run an active blog which is updated with free articles on a daily basis, so you can get tutorial to basic cpanel and web hosting related issues as well as company announces/news.

Softaculous Plans to Launch Version 4.1.5

THN News

Softaculous Ltd., the developer of Softaculous Auto Installer announces plans to launch a recent version of Softaculous 4.1.5 on 8th October. New version hope to bring about new features and fixed bugs issuess.

Softaculous 4.1.5 has following changes:
1)  Softaculous version can now be displayed from CLI.

2) Bug Fix : Perl scripts were not able to upgrade. which is now fixed.

3) pre_remove and post_remove Hooks now added.

4) Bug Fix : Softaculous was failing to backup an installations if Database was very huge. It is fixed now.

5)  Bug Fix : During backup/restore Softaculous was showing successful message even though the backup/restore failed. However the mails displayed the error message if backup/restore was not successfully. It is fixed now.

6) Bug Fix : A minor bug while importing and saving installation from other auto installers has been fixed.

7) Bug Fix : Emails sent for backups created displayed file extension as .zip instead of .tar.gz. It is now fixed.

8) Bug Fix : PHP Notices were displayed while executing the CRON command on server with strict error reporting. It is now fixed.

9) Scripts can now be installed from command line. NOTE: At the moment this is possible for cPanel only.

10) Bug Fix : Language string for backup and restore in Email Template option in Softaculous Admin panel was missing. It is fixed now.

11)  Bug Fix : Restore process of large backups was failing due to memory exhaust. now fixed.

Softaculous Auto Installer integrates into popular hosting control panels such the popular cPanel, DirectAdmin,  Plesk, H-Sphere, Interworx and ISPSystems and allows the user to install any PHP application by the click of a mouse button. There are lots of script categories like blogs, forums, micro blogs, wikis, social networking, image galleries, ERP, Project Management, Educational, etc. One can also upgrade these applications when new versions become available. Softaculous also offers Demos, Ratings, Reviews and screenshots of the various PHP applications.

The Softaculous apps library already contains popular applications, including: WordPress, b2evolution, StatusNet, Drupal, Joomla, Concrete5, phpBB, MyBB, SMF, bbPress, Coppermine, Gallery, Mediawiki, DokuWiki, TikiWiki, Elgg, Dolphin, OpenX, SquirrelMail, LimeSurvey, Piwik, Mantis, SugarCRM, WHMCS, PrestaShop, Magento, CraftySyntax, osTicket, Moodle, etc. most of which can be installed in several languages by just choosing the language on the Install form.

To address the needs of different hosting providers, Softaculous is available as a Free product or as a Premium product. The Free version has only 55 apps while the Premium version currently has 275 Apps.

Softaculous also launched a newly improved Client Center. “We are excited to launch a newly improved Client Center with User Friendly Interface which makes purchasing and managing Softaculous licenses faster.”
said Brijesh Kothari, Sales Head at Softaculous.

The company also offers Webuzo – a LAMP stack with Softaculous installed on a CentOS Machine. Webuzo can help any user deploy Web Apps on their Desktops or in the Office. Webuzo can also be deployed in the Cloud which helps users to access their apps from anywhere.