How about using Content Delivery Network with your WordPress web site

Content Delivery Netwokr


WordPress is a dynamic content management system for publishing contents online, it uses PHP and MySQL database, to deliver dynamically-created contents. In other words, every time someone accesses some WordPress content, the data is called up from the database, processed, and displayed as an HTML page to the user.

For sites that receive a high volume of visitors, all of the dynamic page creation, image loading, and content generation can be very resource-intensive; causing high cpu and memory consumption which may result in server slow down or even bringing an entire server to a halt.

One solution administrators of WordPress site can use to lighten the load is a Content Delivery Network (CDN). With a CDN, the blog loads certain data or media from its geographically dispersed servers rather than the web host’s server. Content delivery networks typically have multiple server locations to decrease proximity between the user and the content. They are also optimized to deliver the content quickly and seamlessly.

Luckily you can manually configure WordPress to use Cloudflare CDN from your VBHOSTNET cPanel. More advanced techniques include using a CDN for data retrieval or caching popular pages of a website remotely on the CDN.

Cloudflare when activated give your entire site variety of advantage including security. To activate follow this instruction

Linux Web Hosting – Top Five Benefits

linux vs windows web hosting

When it comes to the operating system for affordable web hosting solution, Linux and Windows OS are both on advantage. The truth is, both have differing strengths and weaknesses, and the service offered takes care of specific needs of online applications. However, Linux servers are extremely seductive to Internet entrepreneurs because of some of the underline reasons.

Below are just five benefits of using the Linux operating system for web hosting service:

Open Source Platform: One of the very good reasons more people choose Linux over Windows hosting is because it is an open source platform. Web programmers can modify, improve and distribute it (through various stages of development) to the public. There is a worldwide body of users that are constantly working to increase its functionality and fix bugs.

Security and Reliability: Security issues have become critical especially since major tech brands have experienced some form of hacking or online compromise. There has been a long debate regarding security and reliability between Linux and Windows hosting. Of course, Linux loyalist strongly believe the platform offers power security. As a hosting provider, software fixes, maintenance and server upgrades are necessary to get rid of obsolete components to boost server performance in the long run and reduce hosting costs (however, let’s face it, anyone who’s connected to the Internet can experience a security breach). When it comes to reliability, Linux arguably outruns Windows since it was one of the early platforms to host websites as the Internet got started.

Pricing: Internet entrepreneurs often consider the price of services and products. As far as price is concerned, Linux hosting has an edge over Windows hosting. The advantage of Linux hosting comes from the low cost hosting because it doesn’t require expensive licensing fees. Anybody can start an online business at a relatively low cost. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and phpBB all runs on the Linux platform. Linux is widely used by the public and has dorminated the web hosting industry for long now.

Speed and Simplicity: Linux is generally easier and simpler to use when compared with Windows plateform. It comes with pre-installed software that’s ready for modification and extension. Linux was designed to support basic web hosting, which means users can install PHP, MySQL and Perl Script to maximize website productivity and performance. It is known for providing better performance than Windows and capable of handling higher amount of processes simultaneously.

Flexibility: one of the benefits of Linux hosting is the unmatched flexibility offered to a company. It can host e-commerce applications, blogging websites and multimedia applications. As previously stated, the platform is easy to modify and update. Linux was created based on General Public License (GNU) and its various distributions include Red Hat, Ubuntu or SUSE Linux.

These and others is why we employ Linux hosting for hosting Nigeria web sites.

How change your cPanel password

Often times client submit support request for changing their password not knowing they can do this themselves with easy. There are actually two ways to go about this: when you already have your password but you want to change it to a memorable one and when you have lost your password and cannot access your cpanel account.

Changing your password via cPanel – When you have your password

This is very simple.

Login to your cpanel under Preferences click on Change Password

Changing your password via your Client Area – When you lost your password

Simply login to your client area

From your client area click on Services > My Services, Once it loads, clck on the service you wish to update the password

Changing passowrd

Next is to click on Change Passord by the left

WHMCS Change Password

Note that changing you password affects both your cpanel and whm area if you are a reseller

Login Problem, Causes, and Possible Solution

Very often our clients or potential customers experiencing difficulty in logging to their client area and sometimes cpanel, webmail or WHM. If you have been experiencing such, you may want to think our site and systems is the problem.


 Issues like this usually caused by network and not the systems, I am not talking about when you are login details are incorrect but when you are automatically logged out with no message from the Client Area screen or you may see an error like “Your Ip address have changed” when you are on cpanel, webmail or WHM.

What actually happens is that some mobile networks especially Airtel and MTN have dynamic ip address system on their network which means ip address are changed too very often and such ip change is recognized by the system which requires you to re-login. In most cases the network ip change is too often that you may never be able to login instead it takes you back to the login screen.


The possible solution to this is to use another network available or you can use a VPN Software such as Hotspot Shield which will now help you change you ip address temporary to another one gives it stability.




Scanning your web site with antivirus software

As is important is it to regularly scan your personal computer same important is needed to regularly scan your web site including email for malicious files.

In this article we will be showing you how to scan your web site using our free antivirus software located in our cpanel and other third party site that can be of help in things like this.

Log to your cpanel and click on “Virus Scanner” under “Advanced”

cpanel antivirus web hosting

cpanel antivirus web hosting


Next select the location of your web site that you wish to scan, entire home directory will be the best option as it scan the entire site including the email messages.

cpanel antivirus web hosting
cpanel antivirus web hosting

Once that is done, you will get a progress like the one below. On completion, if any infected file is detected, you will be giving option of either to delete, repair or guarantee.

cpanel antivirus web hosting
cpanel antivirus web hosting

Web links scanner

They are specialized web site dedicated to scanning an entire web site for malicious code. This come useful when your web site have been blacklisted by google. They can show report of phishing, virus and other malicious activities on your web site in case of compromise and help you locate ten exact location where a malicious code lies in your site.

Some useful one includes: recommended

What is spamming?

In simple term spamming can be referred to as mass unsolicited email messages, that single message being sent to a large number of recipients that a sender may not know or have not subscribe to a newsletter.

Spamming can be used for constructive purpose such as email marketing and illegal activities too such as distributing phishing page and fraud messages.


Depending on the goals of the sender (spammer), spam (unsolicited bulk email) may contain commercial information, or have nothing to do with it at all. In other words, according to the content of the message, spam is divided into unsolicited commercial email (UCE) and unsolicited bulk email (UBE).

An email may contain information about its content in the SUBJECT field, whilst in the body of the message a sender may explain why they have addresses a recipient without asking their permission and what the recipient must do in order not to get emails from the sender in the future.

What is phishing?

Computer and web security breaches is now on the rise and there so many threats locking around the internet. Frequent password change that leads to an inability to access your cpanel maybe a sign that your hosting account have been hacked and been used for phishing related activities.

Most clients’ complaint bitterly when their account is suspended for fraudulent activities such as email spamming, phishing and the rest and they ask how and what is phishing?

Phishing is a form of online fraud that is aim at stealing internet user’s personal details through fake links. It includes theft of passwords, credit card numbers, bank account details and other confidential information. This can usually take the form of fake notifications from banks, providers, e-pay systems and other organizations. The notification will try to encourage a recipient, for one reason or another, to urgently enter or update their personal data.

In order to access a fake site; the user has to enter their information. Which is exactly what the phishers are after. Once they get access to a user’s email box or bank account, the phishers then face the problem of removing cash from that victim’s account without leaving a trail, and that is not an easy thing to do. If a person involved in this illegal business gets caught by law enforcement authorities, they will surely be prosecuted.

Consequently, the quality of phishing site is usually very high. A fake site will generally look exactly like the original so that a user will not suspect anything is wrong when they enter their user name and password to access the site.

Seure File tranfer using SFTP

Using FTP (file transfer protocol) is one of the oldest and common methods of transfer files. Unfortunately, this method is not really secure, and if you need to transfer sensitive data and also protect your username and password, you should use a method that provides better security. SFTP (Secure File Transfer) is one option that is best for this as it can also protect your web from been hacked/compromised.

Secure file transfer
Secure file transfer

Most modern FTP clients can also use secure FTP by simply using your cpanel username and password. In this example, we will use the free and open source FTP client called FileZilla,

You can download FileZilla from the project’s website and then follow these instructions:

  1. Click the button on the far left to open the “Site Manager”
  2. Click the “New Site” button
  3. For “host” enter your domain name (without http) or IP address
  4. In the port box, enter your server’s port (if different from the default SSH port 22)
  5. For “Protocol”, select “SFTP – SSH File Transfer Protocol”
  6. For login type, you can leave it as “Normal” unless you have specific circumstances
  7. Type your username and password
  8. Click “Connect”

If you have never connected to the server via SSH from that computer, you will be asked if you want to add it to your trusted hosts. Once you have done that, you should be able to connect whenever you need to transfer files.

You may be interested in tutorial o f uploading files using filezilla