What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing in a simple term is the promotional activities of products/service or brands through one or more forms of electronic (digital) media. Digital marketing utilizes multiple channels such as social media, content marketing, influencer marketing, SEO, and other online advertising to help brands connect with customers and analyze marketing campaigns in real time.

Digital marketers monitor things like what is being viewed, how often and for how long, sales conversions, what content works and doesn’t work, etc. While digital marketing is not limited to the use of Internet, others include mobile instant messaging, electronic billboards, wireless text messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, digital television e.t.c.

The Importance of Digital Marketing

Before we look at the benefits of digital marketing, let’s take a quick snapshot of some of the key forms of it at present:

  1. Content Marketing
  2. Blogs – WordPress
  3. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising ex Adword
  4. Internet Banner Ads
  5. Online Video Content
  6. Email marketing
  7. Social Media Marketing –  SMM (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube e.t.c.)
  8. Mobile marketing (SMS and MMS)

First and foremost, digital marketing is more affordable than the traditional offline marketing methods. On a comparative analysis, an email or social media campaign, as an example, can transmit a marketing message to consumers for little fraction of cost when compared to TV ad or print campaign, and potentially reach a wider audience.

In addition to be a cost effective method, you have the benefits of conducting your marketing performance digitally in which results can be tracked and monitored real-time. Instead of conducting expensive customer research and paper works, you can quickly view customer response rates and measure the success of your marketing campaign online, enabling you to plan more effectively for the next one or discarding strategies that don’t work for you.

Perhaps the strongest case for incorporating a digital strategy into your marketing is that digital media forms are quickly overtaking traditional forms of information consumption.

The truth is, digital methods of communication and marketing are faster, more versatile, practical and flexible, so it is perhaps unsurprising that once the technology became available we all began quickly embrace it and move into the digital age. The good news is that digital marketing offers just as much potential to marketers as it does to consumers. Digital age is here, and businesses that fail to adapt to the new marketing technology are at great risk of going extinct sooner or later.

Basic Introduction to Social Media Marketing



A lot of evolution have happened to the way marketing is been done on the internet. Years before now; the concept of “Internet Marketing” was used to refer to any promotional activity carried out via the Internet. The whole idea is rapidly changing and the new game changer is now “Social Media Marketing” and the umbrella term “Digital Marketing”

Every internet user is using one or more social media that they used in connecting with friends and family at least if you don’t know much about social network, you are  familiar with Facebook as one of the widely used social network site online. Social Media marketing was embraced by smart online marketing to get product and service to users at a more personal level since users are constantly communicating and sharing contents with other users.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing or SMM refers to the process of gaining traffic or awareness through social network sites. Some of the most popular and effective social network site can be listed as follows: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest Google+, Linkedin, YouTube e.t.c.

Social media marketing activities usually focuses its efforts to create contents that attract attention and interaction, which may in turn encourage readers to share it with their social networks.  Social media has become a platform that is easily accessible to anyone with internet access. It increases communication for organizations, promotes brand awareness and can even improved customer trust when utilized properly.

On a final thought, social media serves as a relatively cost effective platform for individual and organizations to implement marketing campaigns and if you have not been using it, it is time to begin. The key ingredient is creating good contents

Search Engine 101: Submitting your web site to search engines

So much have been said about search engine optimisation, keyword and other tips that help you rank higher in search engine. It was a recent inquiry that brought about this post in which a lot of clients want to know how to submit their site to search engine so their site can start showing up in search engine result.

It is pretty simple, there are site that can help you do this for free while some are paid, for me I think there is no need to pay for submitting to your site to search engine except you are doing the director submission which is quite different from search engine.

A resource site that I have found useful over the years is this http://www.submitexpress.com/free-submission.html Simply fill the provided form and that is all you need. You may receive email to confirm you submission to some other search engine, just go a head to do their verification.

Here is another resource site http://www.ultimatepromotion.com/, http://www.freewebsubmission.com/  though they are paid submission, you can use their free submission form too.

Below are direct link to some major search engine:

Google: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url?continue=/addurl

Yahoo: http://search.yahoo.com/info/submit.html

MSN (Bing): http://www.bing.com/toolbox/submit-site-url

Once you are done with submitting, depending on the listing duration you may need to wait for some day approximately 72hrs on google before your web site will be listed and sometime not all pages will be listed at once, but overtime, they all will be.

You can simply check if your site is listed and which page have been listed by typing “site:yourdomainname.com” in the search box of google or other search engine to check if your site have been listed after 72hrs.



Optimising your web pages for the Correct Keywords

What are your customers searching for?

Optimise for the wrong keywords and all your efforts will be wasted. Don’t guess — know what your customers are searching for. To get listed correctly in search engines each page of your site that you want listed must be optimised to the best of your ability. Since the keywords that you decide to target will be used throughout the optimisation process choosing the right keywords is essential. If you choose the wrong keywords you will not be found in the search engines. If you are not found in the search engines how will anyone find your site?

Since the keywords you choose to optimise your pages with are so important we have put together some tips to help you make sure that you make the right choices. You should use these tips when selecting keywords for each page that you plan to submit to search engines.

1) Think “specific keyword phrases” not “keywords”. Why? Due to the extreme amount of competition for general terms in the search engines, if your keyword phrases are too general it is very unlikely you will rank well in the search engines. You stand a far better chance of ranking well for specific phrases where there is less competition. The resulting traffic, since it is more highly targeted, should also be much higher quality too.

Here’s an example for a site selling shoes:

Much Too General
1. shoes
2. men’s shoes
3. women’s shoes

Much Better!
1. imported italian shoes
2. men’s leather deck shoes
3. women’s aerobic trainers

2) Try to think like your target audience. What would they search for when looking for the page you are optimising? It is very easy to fall into the trap of coming up with a short list of what YOU would search for, but what about everyone else? They will not necessarily use the same keywords as you. You should try to come up with as many keyword phrases as you can think of that relate to the page you are optimising. Try asking a few friends and family what they would search for when searching for a site like yours.

3) Check out your competition for ideas. Do a search using keywords that you already know you want to target and click through on the top sites that come up. Once on the site view the source HTML code and look at the keywords they have in their meta tags – this should give you many more ideas. Make sure to only use keywords that relate to YOUR site or page. To view the HTML code simply click the ‘View’ at the top of your web browser then select ‘Source’, or ‘Page Source’.

4) You should develop a list of keyword phrases, following the tips on this page, for each page that you optimise for the search engines.

Optimising Your Images “alt” Attribute

The images on your page can help your listings too. Each image on your page can include a keyword phrase or two as an ‘alt’ tag that relates to the image. An ‘alt’ tage is the the name label that pops up when your cursor hovers over an image. This text also shows up to help those that may have their images turned off when visiting your site. This does not work for all engines, but it certainly does not hurt, so we recommend you give it a try where you can.

Tag limits: We do not recommend using more than a brief sentence to describe an image.

Tag tips:

• Be sure to use the keyword phrases that you also used in the copy of your page, title tag, meta description, and other tags.

• Don’t try to squeeze a large number of keywords into the “alt” attribute. We recommend using no more than 2-3 per image.

• Describe the image – do not just list keywords.

• The “alt” attribute is also a good place for misspellings and plural keyword phrases that you may not have used elsewhere.

spamming the search engines – What you should NOT do

There are several things, considered “spamming”, that you can do to try to ‘cheat’ the search engines and get your page listed higher on their results page. You should never try to trick a search engine in any way, as you risk being blacklisted by them. Once blacklisted it can be very difficult to get listed again. Since a lot of your traffic can come from search engines the risk far outweighs the benefits in the long run.

Below is a list of the more common things we recommend that you never do when trying to achieve better listings?

Are you spamming the search engines?

It’s easy to spam an engine by accident — especially since the rules are constantly changing.
Do not:
• Do anything to trick the search engines into listing your site better. If what you are doing is not listed as one of our search engine tips, the search engines could probably view it as spam and penalise you.

• Use the same colour text on your page as the page’s background colour. This has often been used to stuff a web page full of ‘invisible’ keywords. Search engines are now able to detect this and many will view it as spam.

• Use multiple instances of the same tag. For example, using more than one title tag. Search engines can detect this and many will view it as spam.

• Submit identical pages. For example, do not duplicate a page of your site, give the copies different file names, and submit each one. Search engines can detect this and many will view it as spam.

• Submit the same page to any engine more than once within 24hrs.

• Use any keywords in your keywords meta tag that do not directly relate to the content of your page.


Maximising the potential of your online business

Every business online was set up for the purpose of making profit and reseller hosting as an online business model is very competitive. Most of the time a lot internetpreneur venture into this area without really making the most of it.

Competitive as it may be, we can still make the most out of it if you can take a closer look at your marketing and promotion approach to success. VBHOSTNET provides very generous hosting packages by providing unlimited hosting feature so that client themselves can sell better packages to their own clients this means you are on an rare advantage buying a service from us as you get bunches of free tools and resources.

However, a business no matter how sweet and full of exciting features cannot succeed if potential customers cannot find you. How can people find you if you do not find them first. Business is not about you the company but about your clients because the mountain cannot go to Mohammed, it is Mohammed that will go to the mountain.

Sadly so many reseller hosting service gets setup everyday but only a few get to the limelight despite the great potential locking around the industry. For your online business to succeed, you need to understand your industry you need to know what works and work does not, you need to know the strategy to employ and the best once are not the once you read but once you discover through patient practice and observation.

Yes reading is good way to learn from the expert but all businesses are different that is why you learn the way and fine your own way. Let take a closer look at those area of consideration for making your web hosting business and other online business a success:

Proper branding and product package

A bad product or service can be sold successfully if you can package and brand well. I am not telling you to sell rubbish but I am trying to prove a point; I believe some time in the past someone must have sold something beyond standard to you.

The point here is this; design a good and easy to navigate web site layout, proper contacts details and form. Use a company name instead of your personal name especially the bank account, so go do some corporate affair commission registration. Offer a good web hosting package that will want to make potential client buy your service, offer what is had to get i.e what they may never find somewhere so be very creative.

Search engine optimisation

This is a very crucial aspect of making your web site a success, without proper search engine optimisation you cannot get far because most of your patronage will come from organic search engine like google, yahoo, and bing. So don’t just design your web site with graphic like most newbie’s do. Put on more text in your page and within those texts enter keywords so that people can find your site on search engine results. Optimise your title and description tags with keywords as well and don’t forget to add alt to all images.

SMS Marketing

Sending bulk SMS to potential clients can become a great advantage. So learn to legally collect mobile phone numbers and occasionally send promotional messages even to your current clients.

Link Building

Over time when your reputation increase, people can link back to your thereby increasing your search engine ranking. But in the mean time, participate in forum activities that you can find, meet blog owners and start building good links that yield results over time.


No matter how little use very opportunity to sell your service, use the prints, use complimentary card is necessary and employ any available means of making your service known.

Now you should understand that the key to success in web hosting business and other business as well whether online or offline is marketing, advertising and branding. These give your business the edge that you are looking for, so get business with promotion.

How Search Engines rank sites


When someone types words or phrases into a search engine such as Google, the resulting list shows web sites which ‘match’ these words in order of prominence. How high a site comes in this listing depends on several things.


1.  How old the site is

2.  How closely the text on the site matches the words/phrases

3.  How closely the page titles on the site match the words/phrases

4.  How many other sites link to it

5.  How regularly the site is updated


Sometimes your site may be competing with thousands of others dealing with similar competitive products or services. Your potential customers have to find your site amongst many others before this can be translated into business for you. One hurdle that you have to overcome is that search engines usually give higher prominence to web sites which have been around a long time. Many of your competitors sites will be older than yours, so may already be well ranked in search engines because of this. To surmount this, your site must be constructed and promoted in a way which moves you quickly up the rankings. This can take some time and considerable effort.


Search Engines today are extremely powerful. Google, for instance, which currently accounts for 60-70% of all internet searches done, ‘indexes’ every single word on your site, and keeps a record of this. When someone types a phrase into Google, it hunts through the records it holds and matches the phrase against the text on sites around the world. It then shows a list of sites which use this phrase, with prominence based on phrase-matching balanced against the longevity of the site and its popularity.


Google ‘calculates’ how popular a site is, and how this should affect its prominence in search results, by assessing how many other sites have links pointed to it. It also assesses how important those sites are. So, if there is a link pointing to your site from the BBC or Microsoft site, then Google will consider it very important, and move it higher up the search results page even if the text on the page is a poorer match than other sites lower down the listing.


What YOU have to do to help your site succeed When we prepare a web site for you we ensure that it is as ‘indexable’ by search engines as possible, and that the graphics, navigation and layout are also optimised to provide an enjoyable and effective information resource for your clients. The site admin tools we provide will allow you to optimise your page text and titles to target your business sector through search engines, and also to add and edit links pointing to other sites to encourage effective reciprocal linking. Because we are web designers and developers, rather than copywriters or marketing specialists, we cannot provide you with tailored text or page titles for your site. We simply don’t have the intimate knowledge of your business that you have, and therefore cannot anticipate the sort of keywords or phrases your potential customers may use in search engines. You are the one best placed to assess your clients needs and be able to prepare this material accurately and effectively.


Effective way Use of Keywords for Search engine optimisation

What you should remember is that Search Engine Optimization does not need to be complicated. What you should do is make sure that each and every page of your site is a unique entity, and needs to be treated in the appropriate manner where SEO is concerned. Below we provide you with some guidelines which should help you

achieve your desired SEO results.


Get the Keywords Right

 It is important that you make sure the selected words you use meet your marketing criteria. So do not pick words which are too general. Using words that are more specific will result in a higher ranking for your site. Also, it is important that you choose words which are suitable to your site. For example, you will find that “optimizing search engines” and “search engine optimization” have completely different rankings.


Include keywords in your Page Titles

 Unfortunately, a lot of people will use either inappropriate names or their company name in the page’s titles. So it is important that you include the appropriate keywords in your title, as that is they way people carry out searches on the internet.


Inclusion of keywords in your Title Tags and Meta Tags

 It is vital that, for each page of your site, you include the appropriate keywords within all the page’s tags. Also, take time to go over the Meta description that you use. You should make sure that any description you use is alluring and interesting to those who are visiting your site, and include keywords within it wherever possible. There are many search engines around today which use the Meta description as the thing that will be displayed in their search results.


Keywords in Content

 It is important that you make sure you include keywords in the content of your site as well. But do not over do this, as too many will result in your page being discounted by the search engines.


Using these basic guidelines in relation to keywords in relation to search engine optimization and you will find that your site can not help but be affected in a positive way.


Third party tools to optimise and speed up your web site

No matter the kind of web site you are creating be it a CMS (content management system) or simply creating a site static web site, speed is always one of the important qualities to assess the usability of a good website. Search engine especially Google also use site speed as one of the ranking factors for organic search traffic. One simple technique used by CMS powered sites is using a popular caching plugin. What about websites having static pages build from scratch? Today, we are going to discuss some third part tools that can be applied on your website to optimize the code as well as to boost load times for better visitors’ experience.

Speed TracerVery powerful Google Chrome extension developed by Google. It helps you analyze the speed at which your web pages are loading in a browser. It analyzes speed of every single object requested from the web server or from the external sources and also measures the time taken to completely download and render the entire web page on the client’s browser.

It helps you in identifying poor code and scripts that may contribute in reducing the speed of your site’s web pages. easily accessible and usable even for novice users. You can also analyze events and script execution cycle through this plugin to better understand how efficient your website code is.

CSS Sprite GeneratorIt is one of the popular ways to reduce the number of HTTP requests made by a web browser while fetching images from your web server. After using this technique, you can significantly improve the image load times. If you’re using lot of small images or icons on a single web page, this methodology can reduce the load times of the entire page rendering it much faster than ever before.

This helpful tool lets you configure optimal CSS sprite implementation for images on your website. You can provide all the important parameters and image to get the best possible CSS sprite solution.

PageSpeedNowadays, large number of websites are using content delivery network services to quickly deliver web pages to their visitors. PageSpeed is a different kind of service from Google that first fetches pages from your site, and then applies various optimizing techniques on it generating a more optimized version and then delivering that new page to the visitor.

This increases the speed of your website by leaps and bounds. This service is completely different from traditional content delivery networks which simply caches the most visited pages of your website and serve them from local servers. All you need to do is  to change the DNS CNAME entry to use this service. Another content delivery network is cloudflare which is available on our cpanel.

Closure CompilerVery powerful tool to optimize JavaScript code that is used on your website. It analyzes the code and removes  dead code in order to give you the most optima and minimal version which in turns helps in speeding up your web site.

Sometimes poorly written JavaScript code makes the entire website crawls. If you’re using lot of JavaScript code on your website, you must use this compiler to get a better and more optimized version for improved performance. This compiler also optimizes the code for better resource consumption making it lighter, faster and efficient.

FirebugOne of  most powerful and popular website code optimization tool. It seamlessly integrates with the web browser and provides you with tons of options to inspect analyze and optimize your website’s code.

You can easily analyze each and every element of web page to thoroughly analyze the performance, speed and resource consumption. Large numbers of webmasters are using this tool to develop better and optimized websites for their companies and clients. It also has a powerful debugger to generate optimized script code so that your web pages become lightning fast without any kind of latency.

YUI CompressorThis is a powerful tool for JavaScript and CSS. Compressing style sheets and scripts results in performance enhancement that in turn increases the speed of your websites. It has numerous command line options to customize the output best suited for your project. If you’re not providing any JavaScript file while running this tool, it will assume you’re providing the code through standard input.

With the provided tools and plugin above you can get a better knowledge on optimizing your website and its pages for better performance and load time. Giving visitor better experience with your web site and getting better search engine ranking as well

Web site load time another search engine ranking tips

It may interest you to know that Google rank high web site and pages that load faster and this is another way that most Nigeria webmaster rarely give consideration to and if you are once of them, it is time to have a rethinks and implement this trick as one of your search engine optimisation strategy.


Speeding of web site is very crucial to your web site success not only to you as the site owner but also to internet users that visits your web site and most of all for ranking better in search engine results as well. When a site response slowly, visitor will get frustrated no matter the good web content you may have and leave quickly.


Some factors can contribute to faster performance of your web site which includes; your contents, server/hosting service, use of content delivery network such as cloudflare.


Your content:

Graphic and multimedia content is one major area that determines the speed of a web site when not implemented properly you can have problem of sluggish pages.


  • So when creating pictures, you need to cut them to size i.e reduced them to the exact size that is needed instead of using the original picture on your pages which may be too large.
  • Always stick to web resolution of 72dpi which is standard for online pictures.
  • Use web graphic software such as fireworks, photoshop instead of desktop publishing software as corel draw.
  • Know when contents is enough for a age and hyperlink the others.
  • Be Careful with flash use jQuery instead, as well as audio, and videos. For videos mpeg is best format to stick to; while mp3 is good for audios.


Server/Hosting service

No matter how good you optimise your site for speed, if the server your web site is running on is slow, you may still have problem too. So we at VBHOSTNET utilise one of the best server configuration in the market to provide quality hosting experience so be rest assured that your web site will definitely meet with good speed when hosted with us.


Third party tool

If you know any this can be of great importance to the performance of your web site. For an example, when you implement, cloudflare for your web site, you get a boost in the entire performance of your site in relation to speed. While others tools can help you analyze your web site pages and give you a glimpse of how to optimize the entire structure. Ger more details on cloudflare here.