How to Start a profitable Reseller Web Hosting business in Nigeria

Reseller Web hosting business


We all want to make money and not just money but good money with ease and web hosting business is the way to go. This article is going to simplify the process of starting a profitable web hosting company here in Nigeria.

Lets get started right away:

1. Choose your platform and control panel

There are actually two types of web hosting platform to choose from which are windows and linux and both have their advantages and disadvantages. Since we are talking about making money we will stick to linux for now as it s the most popular form of web hosting on the internet because it affordable, flexible and fairly easy to manage and understand. Windows hosting supports technologies like ASP, ASP.NET, SQL Server while linux on the other supports, PHP, MYSQL and more. Linux is the way my friend.

2. Choose your reseller webhosting provider

This is one of the most important decisions you will have to make  when starting your web hosting company. Your choice of a reseller hosting company can make or break your business in the long run. And your company will only be as good as the reseller hosting company you choose.

Why this is critically important is this, a good backbone (your reseller provider) gives you success, a competitive good price helps you sell faster; whether you believe this or not people want to buy service that is affordable before they think about reliability.  what is reliability that is not within reach anyway. Your provider should have good support system as well as good infrastructure and luckily for you all these are very much available from We have wide range and categories of reseller hosting plan to suit both the armature and professional and pocket friendly too

Find out more about our different reseller web hosting plans here

Whm reseller hosting
Master reseller hosting
Alpha master reseller

3. Set up your hosting plans and decide on pricing

This is one sweet aspect of the business, you are free to set up your own price, you can buy a good reseller webhosting plan for just N9000 a year and make good return more than five times you have paid. You only pay your yearly fee and make your money. At this point you really need to think about what you want and how you really want it. Check out other web hosting provider can give a clue on how to set the proper pricing for your new service.

4. Set up a business website

This is a another very important step toward effective start-up. A web site is your your company and designing a good one yourself or hiring someone is crucial. A good web site gives a good impression to a  potential client just as what you wear send a signal. Also, you must make sure your website addresses your customer’s needs and answers the most common question on their minds. “What’s in it for me?” Spend less time on describing your company and more time on telling customers how exactly you will solve their must make sure your main page has at least 500 words. This is necessary for search engine optimization and marketing too.

5. Set up your payment facility and client billing system

Online browsing is all about control and comfort and your web site and entire system should be too. Billing system take care of checking domain name, taking client through the ordering process, and generating due invoice. Well there are free and paid billing system that you can use. While payment is also important as well.

6. Set up support help desk

You will need to set up a channel for effective communication with your clients. Your control panel or platform must support this feature. It goes without saying that you will support the services you are selling. To reduce the burden of having to answer too many questions, you should put up an FAQ section on your website.

7. Market your new business

Though it is time and money consuming, marketing your web hosting company is an effective strategy for attracting potential customers to your website and making sales throughout the fiscal year. Here are a few ways to market your new company:

Tell friends and relatives about your new company and the services you offer
You can hire sales reps to talk to local business owners within your environment and convince them have a web presence
Adopt SEO as one  of your strategies
Use paid advertising such as Facebook, Google Adwords, etc.
Slap up ads on classified websites
Use social media to spread the word

9. Invest in equipment

You cannot do business online successfully without your own computer preferably a laptop and internet connection but if you don’t have them, your will and determination is what you need. I did not have a laptop and internet connection when i started mine, though i had a Pentium 4 desktop back then.

To get a more in dept understanding, you can download my free ebook here

I believe this article must have giving you some new insight. I wish you luck!



Reducing website load on server by activating cloudflare CDN

content delivery network cdn


Web sites are constantly suspended for resources over usage specifically high CPU and Memory usage and it is not friendly for both the owner of the site and server admin as well. However CDN can help in reducing this load and make a web site work more efficiently.

Cloudflare is a third party tool that is installed on our entire servers to provide content delivery network service to clients. But it appears clients barely utilize this despite its amazing benefits it provides for their web sites.

You can prevent web site suspension due to high cpu usage when you install Cloudflare, reduced bandwidth consumption, speed up web site and improve security.

What is Content Delivery Network anyway?

Content Delivery Network-CDN is a large network of servers deployed across multiple networks in several data centers, often geographically distributed. CDNs are employed by companies across many industries to deliver HTTP content, rich media like streaming audio and video, and downloadable files.

What this implies is that traffic, web site load and web site threats does not directly hit your web site but pass through CDN server before getting to your site, web content is delivered rapidly to numerous users by duplicating the content on multiple servers and directing the content to users based on proximity. Hence your site is delivers content faster; more securely and available at all times.

Cloudflare is free and easy to install from your cPanel. Follow the instructions from this link to install now

Find more details about clouflare here:

How about using Content Delivery Network with your WordPress web site

Content Delivery Netwokr


WordPress is a dynamic content management system for publishing contents online, it uses PHP and MySQL database, to deliver dynamically-created contents. In other words, every time someone accesses some WordPress content, the data is called up from the database, processed, and displayed as an HTML page to the user.

For sites that receive a high volume of visitors, all of the dynamic page creation, image loading, and content generation can be very resource-intensive; causing high cpu and memory consumption which may result in server slow down or even bringing an entire server to a halt.

One solution administrators of WordPress site can use to lighten the load is a Content Delivery Network (CDN). With a CDN, the blog loads certain data or media from its geographically dispersed servers rather than the web host’s server. Content delivery networks typically have multiple server locations to decrease proximity between the user and the content. They are also optimized to deliver the content quickly and seamlessly.

Luckily you can manually configure WordPress to use Cloudflare CDN from your VBHOSTNET cPanel. More advanced techniques include using a CDN for data retrieval or caching popular pages of a website remotely on the CDN.

Cloudflare when activated give your entire site variety of advantage including security. To activate follow this instruction

WordPress Security to Prevent Unauthorized Access

Wordpres security tips

Security online is a very big deal. As is the case with all websites, those created with WordPress must have proper security measures in place to avoid potentially costly breaches from online crooks. Aside the general security measure put in place by VBHOSTNET from the server end, there are some highly effective methods to lockdown the WordPress site to give an extra layer of security to your blog:

Protect the wp-admin folder: This ensures the files cannot be accessed by anyone else other than the owner.

Change the default user name. When initially installed, the default WordPress user name is “admin” which can and should be modified. The WP-Email Login plugin can be used to support email based usernames in the WordPress login form. Creating a strong password is recommended. Avoid common passwords such as middle names, names spelled backwards, birthdays, and phone numbers.

Careful with plugin: Not all plug are written by professional programmer, some are badly written that they may even cause resource over usage aside security breach.

Hide WordPress version. Since outdated and unpatched versions of WordPress tend to be targets for intrusions, this information should be removed from the page. Deleting the readme.html file from the installation is also recommended.

Update security keys. You can generate a new security key from this site Overwrite the default keys with the new ones in the wp-config.php file.

Always Check the PHP and database errors logs since these contain invalid queries that are constantly hitting WordPress.

There are also several plugins available that can add another layer of security to WordPress:

Exploit Scanner: This plugin is used to quickly scan WordPress files and blog posts for malicious codes. Additionally, this plug-in will detect spam links and delete them also.

WordPress Sentinel: This plugin can alert the owner when files are added, deleted, or modified in any monitored folders within your wordpress site .

WordFence Security: Compares the WordPress core files with the original files in the repository to detect any modifications. This plugin will also lock out users after unsuccessful login attempts.

In conclusion, effective WordPress security is essential to keeping your website safe from unauthorized intrusions which can result in costly aftereffects.

Linux Web Hosting – Top Five Benefits

linux vs windows web hosting

When it comes to the operating system for affordable web hosting solution, Linux and Windows OS are both on advantage. The truth is, both have differing strengths and weaknesses, and the service offered takes care of specific needs of online applications. However, Linux servers are extremely seductive to Internet entrepreneurs because of some of the underline reasons.

Below are just five benefits of using the Linux operating system for web hosting service:

Open Source Platform: One of the very good reasons more people choose Linux over Windows hosting is because it is an open source platform. Web programmers can modify, improve and distribute it (through various stages of development) to the public. There is a worldwide body of users that are constantly working to increase its functionality and fix bugs.

Security and Reliability: Security issues have become critical especially since major tech brands have experienced some form of hacking or online compromise. There has been a long debate regarding security and reliability between Linux and Windows hosting. Of course, Linux loyalist strongly believe the platform offers power security. As a hosting provider, software fixes, maintenance and server upgrades are necessary to get rid of obsolete components to boost server performance in the long run and reduce hosting costs (however, let’s face it, anyone who’s connected to the Internet can experience a security breach). When it comes to reliability, Linux arguably outruns Windows since it was one of the early platforms to host websites as the Internet got started.

Pricing: Internet entrepreneurs often consider the price of services and products. As far as price is concerned, Linux hosting has an edge over Windows hosting. The advantage of Linux hosting comes from the low cost hosting because it doesn’t require expensive licensing fees. Anybody can start an online business at a relatively low cost. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and phpBB all runs on the Linux platform. Linux is widely used by the public and has dorminated the web hosting industry for long now.

Speed and Simplicity: Linux is generally easier and simpler to use when compared with Windows plateform. It comes with pre-installed software that’s ready for modification and extension. Linux was designed to support basic web hosting, which means users can install PHP, MySQL and Perl Script to maximize website productivity and performance. It is known for providing better performance than Windows and capable of handling higher amount of processes simultaneously.

Flexibility: one of the benefits of Linux hosting is the unmatched flexibility offered to a company. It can host e-commerce applications, blogging websites and multimedia applications. As previously stated, the platform is easy to modify and update. Linux was created based on General Public License (GNU) and its various distributions include Red Hat, Ubuntu or SUSE Linux.

These and others is why we employ Linux hosting for hosting Nigeria web sites.

How change your cPanel password

Often times client submit support request for changing their password not knowing they can do this themselves with easy. There are actually two ways to go about this: when you already have your password but you want to change it to a memorable one and when you have lost your password and cannot access your cpanel account.

Changing your password via cPanel – When you have your password

This is very simple.

Login to your cpanel under Preferences click on Change Password

Changing your password via your Client Area – When you lost your password

Simply login to your client area

From your client area click on Services > My Services, Once it loads, clck on the service you wish to update the password

Changing passowrd

Next is to click on Change Passord by the left

WHMCS Change Password

Note that changing you password affects both your cpanel and whm area if you are a reseller

From The CEO – 2014 is a Promising Year…

Happy New Year once again to our valued customer for choosing us among the rest. First it will wise to thank God Almighty, the First Cause, the Immovable Mover of all things, the uncreated that created all things for his mercies, grace and strengths. It was not an easy sailing through out the year 2013 yet we came out ahead. The previous year as usual was full of its own hurdles and Glories; but I will put is wise to associate with the best part of last and learn from the challenges and mistakes of 2013.

This is another year that I foresee promising events, another year to make major improvements in the overall performance of our services especially putting you our client in the center of our improvements. This is to say we are making it one of our priorities to improve drastically on our customer service and relations to bring about the best web hosting experience ever.

As a matter of fact we are now working on new services which will be launched soon that will add another layer of positive experience to our service. You are lucky to be with us here as it not about just about cheap quality service only but something deeper, some abstract something about being here is that you experience and influx of positive energy that keep your online business with us going. I cannot ignore the fact too that you made us stay in business too as without the customer we seize to exist.

Stay with us as we make web hosting interesting and fun.



How to Generate Full Cpanel Backup for Your Web Site

At this point in time, we wish to provide you with a means of having backups for your site since we do not currently have provision for daily or weekly backup on our web hosting servers as at this date. Nevertheless you can still make effective use of this alternative by simply doing so via your cpanel.

There several ways this alternative can be utilise and we will only discus the most important and frequently used two of the options provided, which are:

  1. Generating back to home directory: You can simply generate a partial backup of your site that is a section of your site which may be database, email or www folder or you can generate a full backup and simply save it to your home directory which you can either leave there or download to your computer for future usage.
  1.  Generating to remote ftp server: With this option, you can save a partial of full backup for your site to another cpanel account you have with us or one you may have with another provider.

To perform the backup process, simply login to your cPanel:

Under Files, Click on Backups

In the next page that load up, simply click on Download or Generate a full website backup as indicated below:


Next select, the option that you wish to use as discussed above, either generating to home directory or to remote FTP server. From the image below you can see the option in the backup destination drop down menu.


However if you choose the home directory you only need to specify an email address to receive notification when the backup process is complete which is option after which you click on the Generate Backup button to initiate the process.

But choosing the remote ftp option will then bring down more fields to enter the server/account details that you wish to generate the backup to.

In the remote server text box, enter the domain name or server ip address, remote user, enter the username of the account, remote password enter account password while port is 21 and finally in the Dir which is the directory should be any of your choice preferably “/www” which will then save it in the main directory of your cpanel account.

Finally click on the Generate Backup button to begin the process. If you specify any email, you will receive an alert when the back if complete.

Viewing your Backup Data.

Depending on the location you have generated the backup to: if you generate a backup to you home directory, simply login to your cpanel click on Backup > Download or Generate a full website backup.

Under Backup available for download, you will see our backup there in compressed format, you can simply click on it and save to your local drive i.e you computer.

For the option of remote backup, simply login to your cpanel under Files click on Legacy File Manager as if you want to view your web site files, there you can see the compress version of your entire website.

NOTE; This idea of back up should not be abuse or used to store excessive amount of data or storage of any kind, even if you are on the unlimited plan as fair usage policy is applied here. In any case if you want to do another backup probably because you have undated you site, you should make sure the previous data is deleted and emptied completely.

Becoming a Web Hosting Reseller: Frequently Asked Question

VBHOSTNET reseller web hosting is a very simple and most effective to set up your very own web hosting business. We provide server space, bandwidth, and all the tools you need to set up and manage an unlimited number of clients

Although we make it as easy as possible for you to get started in the web hosting business, we’re sure you have a few questions. Below, we offer answers to 10 of the questions most asked by those thinking of stepping into the reseller market. This is a great place to get started.

1. What is Reseller Web Hosting?

Reseller web hosting is a specialized form of web hosting service that gives you opportunity to sell web hosting service. When you sign up for a reseller hosting account, you purchase an amount of disk space and bandwidth, which you may then split up and ‘resell’ to your own clients. You choose the account limits, space, and price you want to offer your clients – in other words, you’re in total control!

2. WHM Reseller, Master and Alpha Reseller, what are the difference?

Simple, WHM Reseller happens to be the most popular in which you can only sell the usual cPanel accounts. But with the Master reseller package, you can have the option of selling both cPanel, and Sub Reseller accounts which means client can also buy reseller hosting service from you. Alpha reseller is one step further as it encompasses the previous two. With this specialized kind of account, you can sell cPanel, Reseller as well as Master reseller account which means more option of service for your company.

3. Am new to hosting, do you have guides?

Sure! We have free ebook that you will receive automatically when your sign up is complete, also free support are available to take care of any issue that you may encounter  and our support teams in very ready to assist you further to get started. Our blog too contain articles and tutorials that can serve you.

4. Can I upgrade from one package to another?

Of course yes! You can do so anytime especially when you are starting with us on a smaller hosting plan.

5. How many domains can I host under one reseller hosting account?

You can host an unlimited number of domains, for as many customers as you’d like. The only limitation comes from the amount of disk space and bandwidth you have purchased with your reseller account. Individual account sizes and limits will be up to you to manage. If you need more space or bandwidth at any time, simply contact us to upgrade your account.

6. Will my clients know how is hosting me?

Not at all. You can add your own branding and position yourself as the web hosting service provider. In fact, your customers need never know that you are a VBHOSTNET reseller. You may do this by specifying your own domain for the private nameservers

7. Does the free domain name mean I can register domain at any time for free?

Not really, it only implies you do not pay for domain separately so long you choose the .net and .com extension as this is applied only to your own personal order.

8. How do I register domain name?

You can choose to register domain names with us follow this link to find pricing or you can choose to buy domain name from any register of your choice. However if you do not have we have free domain name resellers account where you can buy the cheapest domain name ever.

9. How do I create where clients can search for domain names?

Well that is pretty easy as it is done from a billing software you can choose to use whmc which cost about N2500 a month for license or you can use our free billing software (Account lap plus).

10. How do I manage my reseller account?

All reseller hosting accounts come with two separate control panels which are Web Host Manager (WHM) allows you to create and manage your customer accounts; Your customers’ cPanel will allow them to create and/or manager their websites.

Through WHM, it is quite simple to manage and create all accounts. You’ll be able to perform variety of management tasks such as:

Set up cPanel for each of your customers

Limit a subaccount’s disk space, bandwidth

Email all your reseller customers

Change subaccount users’ passwords

Check server status

Access your billing software

Use domain sub-reseller account

And much more

Your customers will be responsible for setting up their websites and managing their own accounts, which they may do through their cPanel control panel. cPanel will let them create and manage their websites and email accounts without needing your assistance.